OS Target after 1.5.x does not work with my Console or in HTTP properly

I can update my Photons to the latest firmware level (done on-line with build) but have to target OS back to 1.5.x to have it work properly with the console or anything else.
Once the OS target is back to 1.5.x and make a new firmware flash it works again. Indicates: “on the device 3.0.0-rc1” and “Device OS target 1.5.2”.
If I change again the OS Target as what is on the device like 3.0.0-rc1 and flash again, it does not work properly, intend I do not receive my data supposed to be send by my code.
This is like this since the new OS 2.0.0 was at disposition.

Since this seems specific to your devices I’d deduce that it has to do with your code :wink:
Can you provide a test application that exhibits this issue?

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Thank you for your answer @ScruffR
Isolated the problem around the DHT22 sensor reading.
Now started from the Adafruit_DHT library the dht-test.ino does not work.
Will try to investigate what it needs to make it work.
Have the strange acting simulated. I shared my code here: Particle Web IDE
If I compile the code with Device OS target: set to 1.5.2 it does work.
If I compile with Os target set to 3.0.0-rc1 (or any above 1.5.2) it will fail.
It could well be a timing problem, but did not find where.

Followup to resolve the problem:
I am using the PietteTech_DHT library as suggested in one of the Issues cases in Photon in this forum.
This works for the dht22 test.
So I will rewrite my previous original code using the PietteTech_DHT lib.


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