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I need to control my particle with a schedule; basic on/off function. Currently I have a android app that pulls variable information and performs functions with a click of a button. I need to take it to the next level and program a schedule. Can it be done with just using the app and the particle or do I need to have a intermediate server? Appreciate the feedback.

Have you tried the forum search feature to get and hits for schedule?

Hi @ScruffR

Yes, I did. I have seen it done both ways but I am not a programmer by any means so I’m looking for input as far as the Android app. I don’t want spend time trying to figure it out one way and then hit roadblock and need to look at the other option. I wanted to see if there is someone that has done something similar and can provide their feedback.

The mobile app allows you to call a Particle.function() to which you can pass any string (e.g. your scheduled time) and in that function you can interpret the sent time, store it in a variable - or even in EEPROM to keep it non-volatile - and then your code can act on it.

There are also some libraries (e.g. TimeAlarms) which can help you with the timed action.

Thanks. What if I need to read the current schedule that is saved on the Particle and display it on he mobile app? What would you recommend with that? Should that be stored somewhere on the android app and refreshed when the app loads (in the background) or should that be pulled from the Particle and then displayed?

Sorry for the rudimentary questions here. I’m trying to understand how modern apps are developed for the IoT.

You can register a Particle.variable() (preferably string) or have a function that triggers a Particle.publish() to send out an event that contains the info.

The mobile app does not offer such a feature - so you will need to go with your second option.

Not exactly sure what you are trying to do but maybe this will help you

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Thanks guys @jackpot @ScruffR

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