Optimal solution to flash hundreds of P1 chips


what would be the optimal solution to flash hundreds of P1 chips? Right now we have about 20 custom boards and a P1 on each of them. It took me almost half a day to make them ready for production. Uploading the code wasn’t a problem, registering and claiming the devices, however, was. As soon as I claimed a device, the firmware update began and on some devices it took 10 minutes or more. And that was just on the devices, that worked on the first try. On some devices I had to reset them a few times and register them again. I can imagine, if we have 200 devices, we won’t be able to claim each one manually…
Other than that, the devices run fine :smile:

Since we are able to connect to the device via JTag, we could flash the chip directly. But since we would also need to include the WiFi credentials, would we need to change the firmware? Can we include the WiFi credentials without changing the firmware per se?

I guess you’ve already been there https://docs.particle.io/guide/how-to-build-a-product/intro/

Best would be to contact customer care/support to get direct assistance from Particle and give the Organizations Dashboard a thought for bulk claiming.
AFAIK you could build a monolitic firmware binary and just flash the job lot (based on most recent version, avoiding an auto-update), including a part that performs a run-once WiFi.setCredentials() application part.
But does this mean that these devices will all be connecting to the same network?

Have to admit, I forgot about this site :blush:
Thanks for your answer, I guess flashing the most recent version could save me a lot of time :slight_smile: