Octoprint in Particle photon?


Im not sure if this is the right section for this, feel free to move it to a more appropriate area if needed.

Has anybody been able to make work octoprint (3d printer software) in a particle photon? I think the memory and resources needed might be a problem, but i would like to hear if somebody has had any success with this


That is definetly beyond the scope of that little fella.
OctoPrint needs a fully fledged computer OS to work on not a micro controler like the Photon is running.

Or do you mean 3D printer firmware like Marlin?

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Nope, im exactly referring to what you are saying :slight_smile: i fear that this would be the answer but i was wondering if somebody has done some magic here and has made it work


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Iā€™d recommend a Raspberry Pi 3 or higher. I tried it on a zero and although it worked, it was very unresponsive at times. A Pi also has the advantage that you can put a camera on it. I have my printer in an enclosure in my utility room. With the camera and some lights I can trigger from the GPIO, I can keep a check on prints.

Yes, as the others say, way beyond a photon.

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