Number Recognition


I realized there is a camera for the particle called ‘Pixy’, however it cannot be used for object/number recognition apparently. So I continued searching the internet more for help and found that Raspberry Pi can be connected to the Particle Cloud.

Basically what I want to do is read a certain number through the camera and from the number read call a function on the Particle (Photon).

How is it possible to achieve this? Should I try to connect Raspberry Pi to Particle (I don’t know how honestly), or is there a better more simpler solution?


If you do the logic on the Raspberry (the recognition and whatnot), you can then send a Server Sent Event to the Photon that’s listening.


Just to be sure, can I send values over too? Like I read the number 5, store it in a variable and send it over?


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That should work.

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