NOOB question - Can a Core or Photon do this?

I have a question re: the feasibilty of using the Particle Core / Photon for the following project. I would like to create a tool for my technicians in the field, where the Core / Photon can be used to measure some values and then communicate that information to a laptop at a remote location (30 meters away).

With the digital / analog / I2C inputs, I think that the Core can be easily interfaced with the values I’m trying to measure. My question is how to communicate with the PC.

In this application, there will be no internet access. I was thinking I could bundle a small router (TP-Link WR702N) along with the Core and then create a small network with 2 Wifi nodes (Core + PC). However, it seems from what I’ve seen in my “messing about” so far is that the Core wants to get to the Internet / Cloud - from which it appears that the html app gets it’s data - which is not going to be possible for my application.

Rather than me continuing to spin my wheels on this - I thought that perhaps one of the helpful people in this community might have a path forward for me - if there is one…

Thank you in advance.

you could consider building a local cloud

from what you describe, that may suit your needs.

Alternatively, and somewhat less complex than a full on local cloud, is the Core/Photon has the capability to just act as a Wifi device, and not even bother connecting to any cloud. Then you can do direct TCP or UDP communication between the laptop and the Core, and you might not even need the router. See SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL)


@mumblepins - thanks for that. I wasn’t clear on the concept of interacting with the Core directly - apart from router - but that would certainly be the easiest. I have a couple of years of Arduino experience with standalone systems, but never had to interface to a PC before. I guess we’ll give it a shot.

@BulldogLowell - I had looked at a Local Cloud, but it seems quite complex for my limited experience. Also, I want to have this accessible to anyone using a browser, without having to modify their PC OS.

Thanks all for the help.