"No device avilable via serial"

Dear all,

I have a problem. Used Third party sim card. when I run “particle flash --serial firmware.bin”
That can’t connect with my computer. Could you please help me to solve this problem. please.

I assume your device is connected to your computer, is in listening mode and had the serial drivers installed?

I’d rather go with DFU mode and

particle flash --usb firmware.bin

For that you might need to install dfu-util, if you haven’t got it already (e.g. by using the CLI installer for Windows).

Yes, and I can’t install " flash --serial firmware " it show " serial: no device "

I install " dfu-util 0.8 " already

and try install “usb firmware” this image, I’m not sure flash success.right? Could you suggest me please.

That final

Flash success!

Does suggest … well … success :wink:

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