Nextion Enhanced Series NX8048K050 vs Basic Series crashing

We use the lib ITEADLIB_Nextion with screen Basic Series model NX8048T050 and NX8048T070 without problem. We don’t use features coming with the screen, we just change value text on the screen and use a couple of toggle switch. We don’t have problems using the Basic Series, the Boron/Argon can be online for long time without interruption.

The problem started when using the Enhanced Series model NX8048K050 (we have only this model to test). We can’t repeat the pattern to crash the Particle but something we make a panic, bus fault, panic, hard_fault. Specifications look the same for both series about current consumption. I don’t use the cell coin battery on the back of the screen and I don,t think is the reason.

I don’t know if @ScruffR can help with the lib but do we need to specify the series model in our firmware ?

The basic commands will work just the same on the basic and enhanced models just the same.
However I have recently seen some reports of problems with Serial1 in device OS 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 so your issue may rather come from there (e.g. here)
But to there is not enough info in your post to be certain.

Exactly, look this the problem is present since OS 2.*.