Newbie question about json

Hi guys,
I’m trying to read with a spark core a variable in json generated with a javascript/php page.
Is there an “easy” way to convert a string into a json variable?
I use to program with python and javascript, but this is the first time I use spark, so please forgive my inexperience :sweat_smile:
I tried to run the jsmn demo, but I didn’t manage to make it work.
what am I doing wrong?
thanks in advance!

@manuelfisher, there are two ways. One uses a webhook with the JSON parsing feature. Another is to use a JSON parser library. like ArduinoJsonParser. If the JSON response is simple, you can simply parse it with string commands.

Could you post a simple example of how to do this with one variable?

To do what exactly?
And have you looked at the examples provided with the public library ArduinoJson
There are samples for JSON generation and parsing.