Newbie Compatibility Question (Electron with Adafruit VS1053)


Excuse my ignorance here. I’ve worked with arduino for years but this is my 1st time using an Electron board.

We need to be able to play audio files saved on an SD card. So I figured this board from Adafruit would do the trick…

After searching for the library in the Particle IDE I’m only seeing a version for the Photon.

So my general question is should I just be able to use Adafruit’s library? Or is the compatibility of this board limited to the libraries that are searchable in the IDE?

And if that is the case can anyone recommend a player / SD card combo that would be compatible with the Electron?


I’d assume that the library would work for the Electron as well. Have you tried it?

I am trying…

Getting a ‘Serial’ not defined in this scope error when trying the player_simple example

There has changed a lot since this library was contributed.
I’d not use that version of it anymore as it brings its own outdated secondary libraries which weren’t well ported back then.

So I’d rather add the two .h/.cpp files and copy/paste the contents of them into these files and then add the secondary libraries (if needed) via the library manager.

However, if you only want to playback a fix set of MP3s, there would be a cheaper/simpler module

There are also two libraries available in for that module


I have just published a new port of the Adafruit_VS1053 library that also supports Particle Mesh devices.
Web IDE: