Download mp3 and play it locally

I’m looking for a sample project where mp3 files can be downloaded from internet to a sdcard and I can play them locally using photon and additional hardware.
Has anyone done this before? I know that there is project where I can download file to sd card, and there is project where I can play mp3 from sdcard. But I want to combine them, ideally using only 1 additional board/circuit.

If you are refering to the DF Robot Mini MP3 Module for the MP3 playback, you’d need to figure out a way to share the SD card between the µC and the MP3 player as the MP3 module does not expose the SD pins for the µC to store data to it.

Other - more expensive - MP3 modules may expose the SD connection to the controller tho’

do you know any of such mp3 modules that are compatible to photon?

I haven’t worked with it, but this seems to do what you want

Or this if you intend to move from the Photon to the Argon once it becomes available.