New support site:

As our community site has grown, it has become more difficult to find the “correct” answers to common questions. Time we created a real support site.

Visit our support site to get answers to common questions. The content is currently pretty sparse, but we’ll be filling it out as we go, and the answers on the support site will always be the “official” answers from the Spark team.

Let us know what you think!


Link doesn’t work for me.

whoops, fixed!

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Hey @zach It would be very helpful if we could have a location to see what may have changed in the IDE build environment. All too often I spend hours tracking down a bug that ‘suddenly appeared’ only to ultimately find something changed in the build environment. What would be helpful would be a page that shows the status of the IDE, when the last change was posted and what changes were included (ie - what files were changed). From that I can very quickly review the changes to determine if that was the cause of the bug and post a report.

Hi @mtnscott - definitely! The IDE does in fact show what version you’re building with. It’s in the “settings” panel:

It includes a link to the CHANGELOG that shows what has changed since the last release; however we just started this with the latest release (v0.3.3), so we don’t have a complete history. You can always dig into the source code, here are the major releases:


@mtnscott just created an official support article, since it’s a frequently asked question:

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WOW, how did I never see that!!! Thanks a bunch!

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