Neomatrix library available for spark?

Dear Spark users,

I was wondering if someone was able to port the Neomatrix Library: to the spark core.

I used to use this library with my arduino and my ws2812b leds strip and it works perfectly. But I am to bad of a programmer to port this excising library to my spark. Has anyone done this already?

Hope to hear from someone.


I think so! Been using it to program my 4metre long WS2812B. Can’t tell you where is the github on mobile but the Web IDE should have it in the library

@jerryaertssen, we have the Neopixel ported in the Web IDE… look for NEOPIXEL :wink:


I am already using neopixel and i can control my 4m led strip. But i need the neoMATRIX library, because i zigzagged my leds into a matrix and with this library i can scroll text through this matrix. Is this option also available in the neopixel?

Oh i wanted to mention that the NeoMatrix is not ported yet.

someone needs to take a stab at porting it :smile:

I seriously don’t think it will take long though



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