Mqtt-tls - client.loop() frequency?

hi all,

one more questions regarding the public libarry mqtt-tls provided by the great hirotakaster:

I’m sending 3 json strings via MQTT-TLS at 3 different rates:
mqtt_slow - every 4 hours
mqtt_fast - every 15 minutes
mqtt_onChange - whenever any of the basic parameter changes, I check them once a minute.

every time one of these timers saturates, I check if mqtt is connected. if not – enable TLS – connect – create json – client.publish()

What is the appropriate frequency to run the client.loop()? I’m currently running it every 10 seconds, but I don’t know if it’s using a lot of cellular data, or when is it actually required to be run.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.



anybody has any comments on this?

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