MQTT or other local communication between devices

Good Day!
I’ve been using UDP to get a notification from one Argon to another, in an environment that has intermittent internet access. It works reasonably well. I want to try using MQTT locally to do the same thing. What is the best method to do this? I see libraries MQTT_a0e4, MQTT-TLS, and MQTT5, and also PubSubClient. Which one would be preferable to use here?
Part of the reason to make the change is that I’m planning on introducing some non-particle (Raspberry Pi and ESP32) components to the system, and I want to be able to pass data to/from them as well.
This system is somewhat portable, and gets set up in a new network environment periodically. I’d like to eventually use a cloud MQTT broker to pass info to the various devices for setup purposes, and once setup is complete (with internet access) I’d change to local MQTT, so that messages don’t get missed in the event of expected but unscheduled brief internet outages.

Thanks for your input.

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