Motion sensoring in multiple rooms with connection over WiFi

Hi guys!
Thinking about creating a project where i track motion in several rooms and send the information wirelessly through the network. The motion sensors should be small, preferably running on batteries. Here is a small sketch of how i imagine it would work:

Sensor 1 and 3 sense motion and send information containing which motion sensor is sensing and if there is any motion there through wifi, so i can read it on a tablet, phone or laptop.

I have been reading a bit about the spark core. But i was wondering if that is the correct way to go? Or is there a simpler method of reaching the same goal.

Glad for any help, tips or guidance that I can get.

There are no end of possibilities to do that (including yours), but you won’t necessarily find the way to go, since it very much depends on your own location, environment and liking :wink:

Spark however has some plus points due to its ease of use, small size, onboard wifi, and more importantly: a really freakin’ awesome community! Other than motion sensors, you could also hook up temp/humidity sensors, gas sensors, light sensors, door/window sensors, and a whole lot of other stuff, to a single Spark. If you don’t end up using it for this particular project, maybe try it for another one, it’s definitely worthwhile :)!