More complete SHT-31 library


:pray: Did not catch the WKP in my excitement :facepalm: Thank you.

Very cool to see those results from the glue! Can’t wait to see what I get when the mill and lathe coolant pumps are going full speed!


So it’s working now?

It’s cool to see the trends in the VOC and temp and humidity over time. You notice stuff you normally wouldn’t.

That glue smelled up the whole garage for about 7 hours straight until I cracked the garage door and turned a fan on high.


Yea it working now with the SF lib, just integrating an SHT15 :fingerscrossed:

Nothing like live streams of data to make you feel warm… I will be curious to compare eCo2 readings to the more expensive Co2 sensors. Havent read about how eCo2 vs NDIR compare.



I’m interested in seeing how the eCo2 readings compare to a good Co2 sensor also.

It seems that the Co2 readings are always mirroring what the Voc readings are for some reason, even with the Temp and Humidity data compensation. I don’t know if the C02 reading is right or wrong.