Montior One - I2C extension to 50 m (160ft) over CAN Bus using LT3960

Has any one used the LT3960 based Mikroe-4644 to extend I2C over CAN bus?


Is this actual CAN bus and I can just use one between my I2C sensor and Monitor One (M1). Or must I use two, like in the included pic to convert back to I2C before connecting to my M1?

Or is there a better approach to extend I2C 50 meters?

Much thanks.

You need two LT3960, one for each side, and it's far easier that way anyway.

The LT3960 uses the CAN PHY layer, but the CAN PHY on the Monitor One CAN interface is only connected to a CAN controller, so there's no way to connect it directly to I2C. Also, there is only one CAN PHY, and the LT3960 requires two.

There's no software configuration on the Monitor One, you just stick a pair of them between two I2C busses.

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