Monitoring Argon external battery status : pin BATT, CHG and PWR, where I can find them?

Hi everybody!
I'm a computer science student at the University of Pisa and for my thesis I'm currently working with particle Argon, in particular, I need to write a program to monitor the status of the external battery. Surfing on this forum and the official documentation I found this code :

float voltage = analogRead(BATT) * 0.0011224;

	// PWR: 0=no USB power, 1=USB powered
	// CHG: 0=charging, 1=not charging
	char buf[128];
	snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "voltage=%.1f PWR=%d CHG=%d", voltage, digitalRead(PWR), digitalRead(CHG));

I did some tests and controlled if it works by using the voltmeter and measuring the voltage on the pin Li+ and ... actually it works! Now I've a question, looking for the pin BATT, PWR and CHG, I couldn't find them on the board, so my question is, are they a sort of "internal contacts" ?? Is there some documentation or reference where i could find some information about that ?? Is it possible to read the voltage on pin Li+ by program ?? I need more exact information about that and if anyone could help me I would be very happy.
Thank you everyone in advance.

BATT and CHG are explained here in the docs.

PWR is connected via voltage divider (5.6K high, 10K low) to a digital GPIO. Thus is VUSB (either Micro USB or the VUSB pin) the pin will be HIGH. If there is no power, it will be LOW on the Argon. There's a different technique used on cellular devices with a bq24195 PMIC.

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