Monitor One PLC Modbus

Anyone know if/how to connect a Monitor One to a PLC. I am considering using these to access data on a Delta PLC, I can see the Console for accessing single data points but I need to access multiple for monitoring the system.

The Monitor One has simple built-in Modbus capabilities for use with the I/O card. If you need more features than that, you can modify the Monitor Edge software to do whatever you need from device firmware. You can do local processing of the data if desired, as well as add the data to location publishes, or other publishes, for any devices on the RS-485 bus.

I'm fine with doing it that way just hadn't seen any examples of it.
Would the modbus library be the way to do it then?

There aren't any examples of it but it should be fairly straightforward. Start with the Monitor Edge Firmware and the customization instructions.

The Modbus library isn't documented but it's easy to understand. The source is in lib/modbus and the calls in lib/modbus/src/ModbusClient.h are heavily commented.

Great I will give it a shot, thanks.