Modifying the Photon P1 module

I need to know a few things before diving into prototyping with the Photon P1 module. I have a design to connect flexible 3 dBi gain external antenna to the u.FL connector of the P1 module. This should replace the onboard trace antenna.
So could I could off the extra piece of antenna linearly from pcb module without damaging any connection?

Also, could the P1 module support integrated 3D printing (with external antenna) inside 0.1mm thin PLA plastic shit without any heat dissipation issue?

I’m laying out a PCB design for the P1 right now also.

I see no reason why we can’t cut off the PCB antenna if its not going to be used as long as the board and other components are not damaged in the process.

The reflow process probably has higher heat than the extruded 3D printed plastic so it should be OK there also as long as the plastic does not run into and under that metal can where the electronics are.

Theres actually linear through holes for easy chopping off the pcb antenna, I guess :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about imprinting the chip with some embedded 3D electronics printers, on a compact molded notch inside. Should that be reliable?

Indeed the PCB antenna does indeed easily break off if you bent it with a little pressure :grinning:

With the ease of which the antenna breaks off I would say yes the holes there are meant to make it easy to do this which is good to know.

I’m sure you can imbed the P1 into 3D printed plastic without problems as long as the P1 is managed properly.

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@rickkas7 Is the PCB antenna on the P1 designed to be removed if not needed and the external antenna jack is going to be used only?

It seems as if the line of vias where the PCB is makes it easy to snap off the antenna if not needed.

Just wanted to get some feedback on this since I can put the antenna area to good use if it’s OK to remove it as pictured.

The intention is to be able to snap off the antenna so the module is smaller if you’re using an external antenna.

I don’t know if there are hidden connections in the antenna part - there may be a ground plane in an inner layer. It also might be connected to that line of vias, but that’s just a guess.

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Figured it was better to ask instead of just assume this was OK to do. :slight_smile: