Modify base85 lib to avoid webhook mustache template issues?

I just noticed there is this library recently ported:


From the Particle docs, I can read this:

Now I wonder: since the library has a lookup table and this table includes the left curly bracket { , would it be ok to modify this table and replace the problematic curly bracket with something else, say a dot . or a straight bracket [

Would this work and avoid potential mustache template issues?

pinging @eberseth and @rickkas7 for opinions


If you control both sides you could do that. I believe at least one person in the community forum has done that.

There is another solution which will be available very soon which is to use the new Logic feature to transcode the events. You can send up Base85 from the device for dense encoding, then expand to Base64 or hex when sending to an external service where event length and data usage are no longer a concern.


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