Mobile Internet GSR-Sensor

Thanks for this easy to use development platform. I used spark core for a tiny proof-of-concept prototype for recording my (psycho) galvanic skin response. Its mobile and (of course) hooked up to the internet, so that data can easily be fetched by a database. The Prototyp was shown at Creative Lab HAPPY HEALTH at DMY-Design Festival Berlin.
Here is a two minutes demonstration video

In the Video the Spark Core is connected to my iphone running a “personal hotspot”. For visualization I use a very simple SVG and a few lines of JavaScript.


COOL STUFF! :smiley: :spark:

This is Awesome!

@flx, which GSR Sensor you are using?, possibly you should think about open sourcing it :smile:

Cool project, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback!

@krv​arma, actually I’m using a plain resistor (Wheatstone) bridge connected directly to an analog in of the spark. I also tested the GSR sensor from seeedstudio but wasn’t getting as good results.

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