Minor PDF error

No a biggy since I think the pin outs are correct, but when I print the PDF from this URL:

XENON is printed on the picture. It should say ARGON. Are the Argon and Xenon same pins out?

The pinouts are the same.

However when I click on the link in the Argon datasheet or the link above, it shows up with the Argon label:

I know that, but when you print it, it shows XENON. Like I said if the pin outs are the same, we are all good.

Oh, I see what you’re saying now. That’s weird and I’m not sure how that is even possible.

It really is the Xenon diagram when you print, and there is one difference: The Xenon has support for USART2, and the Argon does not.

The pins are otherwise the same, so as long as you note that it’s fine.

I drew the pin outs of the Photon and Argon, here is a pic. I think I got the Argon correct. The MD pin is not listed because I am using an Argon adapter from ncd.io Somehow they dont have that pin on their board.

On the Photon the MD pin would be available via one of the solder pads [26] underneath the device.

I couldn’t find an NCD Argon adapter tho’
Or do you mean the Particle Classic Adapter to put the Argon on an NCD Photon/Electron board?

I have the same problem. When I open the “print” dialog in the browser, it says “Xenon”, but I downloaded the PDF file and opened it locally and it said “Argon!”