MICS-2614 library


Thanks bko,
I am going to try and will report my progress … :wink:


I have all figured out and working,
thanks a million


I use this sample to read the data

My analog value is always under 1000. I expected it should be above 2500. If not, it always produces Ozone concentration value around 500-700 ppb (depending on the voltage 3.3 V or 5V) , I used this equation: double ppb = Math.pow(10, (2566-(value-584) / 1283) + 1)

This value doesn’t make sense for Ozone. It should be around 50-100 ppb in the office I guess.
Could you please tell us if there is anything wrong


You should try above equation given by @bko in his post


Thanks, now my data look better, then I come up to question that @bko mentioned, how to calibrate R100ppb?



Has anyone been able to evolve into this sensor code?

For me, the following values appear: