Microphone_PDM samples won't compile for Photon-2 but works on Argon


I am trying to get Photon-2 to do some recording with the microphone included in the Edge ML kit. I was using the Microphone_PDM library.

I tried to flash the samples (say, "3-wav.cpp") but every time I click flash on the web IDE, the UI acts as if it flashed successfully but in fact the program is not uploaded to the board at all.

If I try with other libraries/samples, they all compile without any problems. This problem only occurs with the Microphone_PDM library.

The only indication of error I get during the process is a "spark/flash/status failed" event in the Particle Console.

I did not modify any code in the samples. My Device OS version is v5.5.0.

Additionally, If I try the same thing on my old Argon, those samples compile and work perfectly.

Has anyone encountered similar issues?


Does the Verify (checkmark) icon, instead of flash, indicate an error?

When using the Web IDE and the P2 or Photon 2, make sure you select the device (gold star to the left of the name) and change the build target version. It defaults to 3.2.1-p2.3 which will not work. Device OS 5.5.0 is recommended.


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Thanks for the reply.

It seems verifying the code example indicates no error at all.

My Photon 2 is selected, and has Device OS v5.5.0.

Screenshot from 2023-10-20 21-29-39

Even flashing the application indicates all success. The on-board LED blinks as if it's flashing. Yet the new application is not uploaded, and the old one remains (for now, it's Blink an LED, which works fine)

The only indication of error appears in the console:

Screenshot from 2023-10-20 22-01-06

Thanks in advance!

Update: I solved this issue by unclaiming and re-claiming the device.

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