Mesh devices with solar power

Hi all,
will the Particle Mesh devices be suitable for solar power supply ?


If you mean, can the by powerd via a solar panel, then yes.
The existing Electron does already bring the required charging circuits and the mesh devices will have some charging circuitry too.
While the Boron (cellular) will have a more involved charge controller the two other devices will “only” feature a “slim solution”.

However, power consumption of the new devices will be considerably less compared to the existing ones.

For the Boron, can I please confirm that the solar +ve input should be connected to the VUSB pin? According to the block diagram ( this pin is connected to BQ24195 power management IC VIN. I’m checking because the Boron datasheet only talks about the VUSB pin being an output pin (
Also, the datasheet for the BQ24195 indicates a VIN range of 3.9 to 17V which is quite generous. Could this range cause any problems elsewhere in the Boron?

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