Mesh Console - Event Log

Argon Gateway with single Xenon. Have activated D7 to High and Low several times on the Argon. I have a relay mounted on the Xenon to D6 and have activated the it to High and Low several times. Have had the Console up for some time so I reloaded it. The Event Log was “Waiting on Events” for over 20 minutes, so I refreshed the page again with the same results.

The event log is a “live stream” of events. When you reload the page, you lose the event history. If you want the history, you have to use something else to capture and retain the history. Ubidots, losant, paper trail, etc. are viable options. I think it was one of the Elites hinted that Particle was working on a way to view a historical log but there’s no definitive ETA.

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I also had the Event Log up and activated D6 and D7 on the Xenon and D6 on the Argon and nothing showing up on the Event Screen.

Did you use a particle.publish to activate those pins? I don’t think calling a Particle.function hits the event stream but I don’t use functions, mainly just pub/sub.


Exactly that.
Tinker (that’s the factory application on fresh devices) uses Particle.function() calls to do the switching but events are only created by Particle.publish().

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