Memory Fragmentation on 1.1.0

We’re experimenting upgrading our system firmware to 1.1.0, but have noticed an alarming trend: System 1.1.0 seems to leak/fragment RAM very quickly.

We’ve managed to cut the rate of fragmentation down by reducing memory copies, but it steadily climbs at a rate of about 1kB (depending on the workload of the device, our workloads are highly variable).
Is this fixed in 1.3.X?

I’ve attempted to apply some static analysis tools to the Device OS with little success. From a cold boot we start at around 40kB consumed and climb rapidly up to 80kB, eventually soft-locking (device appears online, but no messages are sent) around 103kB.

We seem to not have these fragmentation issues on FW 0.5.3 or 0.6.4.

1.1.1 is the new default and just give 1.3.x a try.
However, since we don’t see reports of memory leaks at the scale you report I’d suspect your code to be the source.