Measuring power consumption of low power projects


How do you measure today the consumption of your low-power projects/devices?

This topic below made me wonder:
Have any of you found better methods and/or tools than the ones mentioned in that topic already?


These are not necessarily affordable options, but:

We mostly use the Otii Arc. It works very well, and as an added benefit it can monitor a 3.3V serial port and correlate the output to the current. This is very useful when using sleep mode and logging using Serial1LogHandler.

Before that I used the Siglent SDM3055 digital multimeter which can save current reading to a Windows PC over USB. The auto-ranging works well enough to go between operating mode and sleep mode on cellular devices.


I use this affordable gem:

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It’s been a while since I originally posted that, and I’ve tried a few things. In the end I ended up with the Nordic Power Profiler II. Works great.


Check out an INA 219. It’s in the Particle Library.