Manual Control of UART Registers?

I am trying to get 9N1 working on the UART of a photon board. I am having difficulties which all seem to be based on the fact that I am not familiar with C. I wrote a program a while ago for the same purpose but it was on an arduino and I found out how to directly access the registers. Where can I find information about accessing the registers on this device? All i’m trying to do is recieve 9 data bits and display it in hex with a publish or variable command or something.

Serial 9N1 support doesn’t work right for reads in 0.5.0 and isn’t supported in earlier versions. I discussed it in the post below, which has a link for the github issue. The fix is scheduled for inclusion in 0.6.0. The post below includes information on how to make it work with 0.5.0, as well, but you have to build your own system firmware build.