Loud Chime Solution

Hi All,

I am looking to create a project that emits a loud chime or tone (a song tone maybe) that sounds loud as in the chimes that are used for doorbells or so.

Can anyone suggest whats the simplest solution in regards to hardware?

A piezo buzzer might be interesting. Its power efficient, small, and can be really loud. They’re also pretty cheap, which is never bad.

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I tried one, but the tonal range is limited to high pitch and the volume is not that loud.

I want something more in the looks of a speaker and an opamp or something similar.

I know this most not be a very popular topic but…

Can anyone suggest a loud buzzer and if putting a transistor between the Photon and the buzzer will increase the volume?

Could you perhaps describe the project in a bit more detail? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Does it have to play music, or are simple tones good enough? Does it have to be studio quality, top-notch audio, or will basic “sound” suffice as long as it’s loud?
Using a transistor, you’ll be able to power your sound source externally, with which you can provide it with more power. That won’t necessarily make it louder, but depending on the power requirements, you might need this anyhow.

what about an SD sound module… you can amplify that output easily.

Simple ring tones are what i am looping for. Not Studio Quality, bus load is what i need… Like door bell loud.

Thanks for the help!

Cheap amplified USB powered computer speakers work really well and go really really loud. I had to put a trimpot between the core and the speaker input to drop the doorbell volume to a normal doorbell level… The amp part was in the USB connector and was only about 1/2" square so it’s easy to hide somewhere

And search for rtttl and you will find a good way to make cool oldshcool polyphonic ringtones

@frlobo, would you really like an old fasion bell? not a speaker? You can do that with the core or photon, and some extra mechanical parts.

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I want a speaker with a loud amp… Something where I can make some rtttl tones and make them sound loud… No music required (as in wave recorded music), just some basic tones, but want them louder than a 12mm buzzer.

Thanks for your help.