Looking for volunteers to create a project


I’ve only messed with H-bridge analog sensors and promised to myself not to do that again to save a few bucks over an integrated digital sensor :smile: If the linked sensor deals well with the H-bridge and temp comp then it should be easy to use… IF…
I didn’t see how much current the sensor you linked to consumes nor how long it takes to produce a stable reading, so can’t judge whether power consumption is reasonable or not. The 5V requirement sucks and there’s no 5V output pin on the boron and at quick glance I didn’t see an obvious easy component to solder a lead onto either…


@Squid, I’ve used a few dozen or so of the cheap pressure transducers that you linked to, with mixed results.
They commonly fail within the first week. It does seem if they last for at least a week - they will work for a while. It’s extremely frustrating to need to test each sensor for 1+ week before deployment.
I have learned the hard way (many times) that it’s better and cheaper to go ahead and purchase quality sensors for pressure measurement, even when dealing with larger quantities.

An easy way to have 5V available with a Boron is this board:

It allows the Boron to turn the 5V on/off


Here’s a quick list on various common methods to measure fluid level:

  1. UltraSonic

  2. Submerged Transducer

  3. Measure Differential Air pressure from submerged air tubing & Atmosphere (2-ports)

  4. Bubbler System - measures Air pressure from submerged air tubing releasing bubbles at the bottom.

In General, the precision (and accuracy) increase as you move down that list, but so does complexity.
#2 and #3 have a tendency to become clogged in certain applications.

#4 requires a tiny air pump (a moving part with a certain lifetime) that can become problematic in some applications.

#2, #3, & #4 require something hanging down in the river in your application, #1 doesn’t.

Once Sleep Modes are released for the Boron, your project becomes pretty easy to implement with Solar Recharge and any measurement method.


I’m a bit lost with TPL5111 and the need of good deep sleep.
if I’m only using the Boron and sleep mode, I risk to have some problem if the board stall for unknow reason.
so the obvious solution is to use the tpl5111 to wake up the board every hours/ will shut down the boron if no high signal is send after delay value. From what I’ve read, the mcu must shut down his task befor sending the high signal to TPL, I’ll need some help to know how this is done.

I would also have some information about the complexity to use an hologram sim card + cloud on the boron. I’m looking for an easy solution without headeache. Is it possible?EDIT I just read the how to set boron with 3rd party sim and it look like pretty simple.


For me the waterproof ultrasonic sensor: JSN-SR04T-rev2 is unstable most of the times and doesn’t have detection capability below 20cm (minimum distance is 20cm) because it has 2 transducers instead of 1 so it needs time to switch between transmitting and receiving mode. Also the main pcb is not completely sealed and therefore not fully waterproof. I found out there are quite a few new sensors that solve the problem https://www.ebay.com/itm/253978673298 . I had bought this one too https://www.ebay.com/itm/254113850508 which is a modified version of HC-SR04 but the 1st one seems more rugged and waterproof.


@Rftop I just got a system up and running two days ago that uses a MB7052 XL in a feed bin that is ~ 15’ tall. So far so good.


thank you for all your feedback related to the sensor to use. At first I will use the one mentioned at the beginning … it will always be time to change module later without much difficulty. Depending on where the sensor is installed, the reading may vary from just 1 meter. Under a bridge I expect a variation of about 2.5m in most cases. A minimum reading of 40cm at an extreme of 4m is ok.

1-I am wondering if I adopt the Boron 3G or 3G electron. The use of a possible 3rd party sim card on the Boron worries me, it seems difficult in many cases. I would like to order some hardware this week end and decide if this choice is wise.

2-The use of a timer / watchdog tpl5111 or 5110 is to be defined, I will have to re-read the specs that are most appropriate for the Mcu used.

3-I bought a step up voltage converter with EN pin to have excessive drain when not in use. here

4-In addition I would like to have your opinion of mosfet IRLB3034 to act as relay whose the Gate operates with output pin 3.3v. This would be to cut off the power of a sensor working at most 12v 100ma. Some speak here of the 2N7000 / 2n7002, it seems comparable to me but I do not know much that.

Thank you very much for your help