Local network connected devices


Any hints/pointers as to ow I could check what devices are connected to my local network (arp -a in effect) ?


We definitely haven’t implemented anything like this, and I’m guessing this is not within the CC3000’s capabilities, but I might be wrong. If you feel like digging into what the CC3000 can do, you can find information here:


Do you know off the top of your head if ping is available?

Outgoing or incoming? I know the CC3000 responds to pings by default, and I would guess that it does have the ability to ping another service.

Outbound. (Sorry just on ipad ATM or would be having a proper grep/look through the code)

Hi @Blacksheep

Ping is available but pretty low level and hard to use. Here’s and example that worked for me:

unsigned long pingIPAddr;
uint8_t sparkio[4] = {50,16,188,139};
unsigned int wincount = 0;
unsigned int losecount = 0;

void setup() {
    pingIPAddr = sparkio[0]<<24 | sparkio[1]<<16 | sparkio[2]<<8 | sparkio[3];

void loop() {
    // long netapp_ping_send(unsigned long *ip, unsigned long ulPingAttempts, unsigned long ulPingSize, unsigned long ulPingTimeout)
    long result = netapp_ping_send(&pingIPAddr, 32UL, 32UL, 100UL);
    if (result == 0) {
        Serial.print("Ping Successful! ");
    } else {
        Serial.print("Ping Failed. ");

ah that’s not too bad - I was concerned I was going to have to do something a little lower level than that