Local ip is when #include "spark_disable_cloud.h"

As the topic says the Cores local ip is getting set to when i try to disconnect from the cloud. Is there a way to choose the Cores ip manually?

Here is the code i am using to get the error:

#include "application.h"
#include "spark_disable_cloud.h"

UDP Udp;

char myIpString[24];

void setup() {

    //setup udp socket
            IPAddress myIp = Network.localIP();
    sprintf(myIpString, "%d.%d.%d.%d", myIp[0], myIp[1], myIp[2], myIp[3]);
    Spark.variable("ipAddress", myIpString, STRING);

void loop() {

Hi @simoher

I think this is a known issue that has been fixed in the latest master but not in the webIDE. The issue is that ip_config is not updated.

It looks like a work-around until this comes to the Sparkulator webIDE is to put a call to


in your setup() after you connect.