Local cloud not listening on port 443

I installed the spark core local beta cloud . and the server works perfectly . Thanks to @kennethlimcp.
Now im trying to subscribe to it to receive the publish events but its failing and error coming as
cant not connect to port 443 .
I got all ports open and installed SSL on the server but still no success.
Anyone tried to listen to the events with the local cloud ?


Hi @Gentmat,

Out of the box, the Local server listens on port 8080, you can setup SSL if you want, but that’s somewhat involved. If your request is running on the same box, using SSL would be totally unnecessary though.

Essentially you’d use an ‘https’ server ( http://nodejs.org/api/https.html ), instead of http here:



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I am using curl from another computer to listen to events not the same computer .
something like that
curl -H “Authorization: Bearer {d508907d8d9d70caa64dd1d00b8de373ca66d437}” https://gentmat.com/v1/events/save

I am receiving
curl: (7) Failed connect to gentmat.com:443; Connection refused

Do you mean i should write

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer {d508907d8d9d70caa64dd1d00b8de373ca66d437}” http://gentmat.com:8080/v1/events/save

Still this one is not authenticating for some reason !

Hi @Gentmat,

When I hit your server using that access_token you posted ( http://gentmat.com:8080/v1/devices/events?access_token=d508907d8d9d70caa64dd1d00b8de373ca66d437 ), I get an invalid access token. Did you login to your server and get a new access token?