Local cloud & connection / speed limits

Hi everyone,

For a local cloud, I found out from other posts that the limitations of publishing intervals can be customised. I’m not exactly quite sure of the details though. Here’s why:

The settings.js on spark-server lists the following relevant properties:

maxHooksPerUser: 20
maxHooksPerDevice: 10

I get that changing these settings allows each user account and claimed Cores on my local cloud to have more concurrent connections.

Question 1: Do the hooks above refer to any cloud transaction, i.e. Spark.variable, Spark.function & Spark.publish?

From the Particle cloud docs, the various limits are:

So here we have 10 cloud variables + 4 cloud functions maximum per device, along with the publish speed limit; I’m seeing these limits as separate from the maxHooks properties above.

Question 2: If so, how can these limits be adjusted for a local cloud?