Loading config at bootup

Is there a place or method to store configuration data for individual devices on the Particle cloud, so that information can be retrieved automatically during bootup?

I ask because of the following scenario:
I have a display unit that grabs data from up to nine separate devices that are publishing to the internet (Thingspeak data). Each individual device published to a "Feed ID"
I would like to store a list of “Feed ID’s” that the display would read from a central location, and that would be available to the specific device upon startup, and to be able to centrally manage that list.

This would allow me to, for example, ship a display and 3 sensors. Each sensor sends data to a ‘feed’ according to the online configuration that I read upon the sensor bootup. I would also assign a list of feeds to the display, that would be read from the cloud. I then want to add another sensor, so I give it a name and assign it a feed number through the web Particle web interface. I modify the display’s feed list, and voila the display is updated to show the additional feeds, without having to flash firmware.

I can do this using dropbox or OneDrive or any web server, but it would be nicer if the interface was managed by Particle, and then it could include things like firmware version, MAC and IP Address, uptime, etc.

(A lot of thinking out loud here)

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Object storage is the way to go for web connected devices and this is coming from a Storage Engineer for THE dominate storage company. This will be especially true if you use the Electron in the future. Latency tolerant storage with eventual consistency removes transactional dependencies found in traditional RDBMS and NAS systems.
I am looking at modifying the AWS Hackaday series they have done for the Core.

[AWS IoT HackaDay Series][1]

If you want to skip all the dependencies I am sure you could find a S3 lib for arduino and port it for Particle.
[1]: http://iot-hackseries.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/particle-setup.html

Particle made a start at it with the “Dashboard”, a project that feels like it has gone by the wayside. Dashboard lists the devices already, I can see it expanding to be able to hold some extra configuration parameters.

That’d be useful for my purposes as well. I’d also like to save config data and have my device grab that after a reset. Technically I wouldn’t need a web UI but that’s a nice addition. For my google apps I’m able to store data in between runs via their Cache system, otherwise I’d have to resort to saving and pulling from a Google Sheet which would have been a real pain.

This type of online storage system could also be useful when you have devices that use deep sleep and publish data infrequently. The remote sensors could use the online storage so if the main device happened to be offline it still has access to that data when it comes back online.