Listening to SSE Stream in C#

I’m trying to implement a feature into my C# project where I continuously listen to the SSE stream in the background of my program and when a specific value is returned, the program does something.

I’m just looking to be pointed in the right direction.

In order to continuously listen to the stream in the background of my program, should I create an Asynchronous Method within a thread that returns the values from the SSE stream and waits until a certain value is returned or am I heading in the wrong direction?

Have you had a look at the implementation of the Particle .Net SDK?

Yes, for one it doesn’t really clarify what I’m after as I’m looking if it has to be a thread within a asynchronous method , and two at the bottom of the readme it has written
Not currently implemented

  • Getting a stream of events

Which leads me to believe it’s outdated.