Lipo Charge with Solar Panel and Deep Sleep

Hello Guys

I have a Electron powered via USB with this solar panel kit . I have also the lipo Battery connected.

My question: Is the lipo battery getting charge from the solar kit when the Electron is in Deep Sleep or Sleep??


@jprivacoba, the Electron LiPo will always charge when power is provided. You should be able to see the charge LED being ON when charging (OFF when battery is full). However, as is often the case, the LiPo pack that comes with the solar panel may automatically shut off when it doesn’t detect enough current draw. What are you observing that causes you to ask the question?

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I think the RED charging led will turn off once the solar panel starts to provide less than 50mA of current since that is a 1/10 of the programmed 500mA charging current.


I dont know if the lipo is getting charge when i have the Particle Electron in Sleep or Deep sleep mode…

Unless you explicitly switch off the charging, the LiPo will get charged during sleep, but I think only with 100mA (by default)

But that’s still the same answer you got 5 months ago.
So we can’t really do anything against

But you can try it out yourself. Discharge the LiPo, let it print out the FuelGauge.SoC() value, send the device to sleep for 24 hours while keeping it plugged in and read the SoC value again when it wakes.
Then you know - we already do.

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Thank you very much @ScruffR, i will try the test you sugest!

The info @jprivacoba is looking for is in this post: