LiPo charge rates

Does anyone know the LiPo charge rate for Xenon, Argon, Boron devices?

I’d like to use a smaller LiPo battery and smaller capacity batteries suggest lower charge rates. For example, this one from Adafruit suggests not charging at more than 150mA.

I routinely see Xenons and Argons charge at 485 mA, 1,900+ mW.
Thats over a 3C charging rate for the tiny Li-Po you linked to.

With Borons, it depends on what firmware version you’re at, and “sometimes” your PMIC settings.

Can you change the charge rate on the Xenon and Argon by chaging the charging resistor which sets the charging current limit.

It’s going to take a hot air rework tool or maybe a soldering iron with a small tip to swap out the resistor so beware.

The resistor is R17 on the Xenon I’m pretty sure.

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To answer my own question, the datasheet for the charging IC says

The charge current can be set by by connecting a resistor between Isen and Vss

It then proceeds to give a formula. R4 is currently a 2K resistor which should produce 500mA. A 665 ohm should work for 150mA. I'm averse to having a non-standard Xenon so I may try and make the 500mA version fit in my package.