Limited amount of free tickets to our IoT conference in San Francisco, Spectra!


Hello, my community buds!

As you may have heard, we’re hosting our very first conference, Spectra. It’s going to be a day full of best practices, product deep dives, and demos of the latest (and soon to be announced) Particle products. And best of all, you’ll get to meet the Particle team. :wink:

I really would love to meet the folks who make this community so wonderful. If you live in the SF Bay Area, or think you can make it out here for October 3rd, be one of the first to leave a reply in this thread and I’ll send over a code for free Spectra tickets.

Party on,


I would go but I can’t because I’m busy with college in the East Coast.

Guess I’ll have to watch the livestream.

Will there be any interactive features in the livestream?


Hmm, there might be… what would you like to see?


Not sure really.


Ditto @nrobinson2000 I am based even further away in Oxford, England. Have you given any details yet of the livestream ? I guess with time differences this will be very late night viewing here!


There will be a livestream of the Keynote on our YouTube channel.

We’ll have a camera crew there as well, so there should be lots of video content coming out in the weeks following the event.


Instantly subscribed. Didn’t even know about the Youtube channel. I’d love to see it become more active with feature tutorials, customer experience, and real-world use cases of legacy and new mesh devices. :grin:


Coming soon…



I’m in the Bay Area, and would love to attend. Please send me a code!



I live/work in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) and would love to attend.
I would really appreciate the chance to go to the conference.
Please send me code. Pretty please!


Hi Joe,
I would love to come, and just got free for that week, so I can make it. Can you send me a code?Thanks!!


Do the tickets come with airfares from Australia? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’ll add my voice to the livestream requests.


Hey @Joe would gladly accept a set of tickets for myself and one other person! Would love to join.


Hey Joe, having free tickets means we can justify the air fare from MPLS!

If you could share the code, we’d really appreciate it!




Hey Joe,
If you still have tickets I would be interested. See you,


Hello Joe - Would love one ticket if there are any left! - Thank you.


Yes, please! :slight_smile:


Is it too late? did I miss it? I will ABSOLUTELY be there… I just bought my first Electron and have each of the new boards on pre-order. I’m just starting out and learning how to use these.


I’m looking forward to watching the livestream today. Excited about getting access to the firmware as well.


Is there a link or anything for a live stream? Their spectra website is pretty sparse about anything other than attending in person.