Library used in web ide not available in desktop

I am switching from the web IDE to desktop and unable to find the same community library in Desktop IDE. The particular library in question is “Adafruit_DHT_Particle”.
Do I have to download it from github and add it using the CLI, even though I’m not the author?

Perhaps you are looking for Adafruit_DHT?

These are some of the libraries that come up when I search for DHT in Desktop IDE Library Manager

So the one you are looking for is there AFAICT.

I am now able to see it!
I would swear that I searched for it using several patterns like “DHT”, “Adafruit” etc. Also tried changing the context by selecting different items like the whole project, src folder etc etc in the Project folder. I made several attempts looking for it.
The only thing I can say is that I did this right after freshly installing the IDE. Not sure if some items get installed in the background?