Library to read Victron Energy VE.Direct protocol

I have a solar panel with a regulator (Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 75/15) that have a serial-port interface that i was with this library enable to read data from on a Particle Argon and the same library i also reading data from same interace on a Victron Energy BMW-712 Battery monitor but different values.

I have forked the code from a fork of the original library and then added the things i needed for the BMW-712 device and added some example code on my own fork that i also created a pull request to the repository i forked of.


In the example code i make a JSON object of the values and then publishing it to the Particle Cloud and then i setup a Webhook for the event sending a HTTP POST to a own built API that saves the values to the database and then i now planning to make a dashboard and some historical graphs with the data.

I hope this can help someone a day.


Nice! I did the same to read Victron VE Direct data from the BMV Battery Monitors & VE Direct Inverters.

Thanks for posting this, the internet will find it when searching for ways to access this Victron Data because there are not to many good library options out there from my research.

I like how Victron has UART Status data output on most of their products these days.

Here is what I created as a dashboard for some stuff I’ve been testing.

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