Library for Photon2 + PCA9634

Hiii there,

Is there any library available for PCA9634 8-channal-PWM chip?..
I am currently working on PCA9634 chip with Photon2 but could not find any Reference of working with Particle device. Any reference available working with 8-channal PWM chip?

Have you seen this?

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Thank you for your Response.
I already seen…

PCA9534 work as IO Expander. My requirements is PWM which is not used in PCA9534 so that this is not compatible to my requirements…

My bad, sorry :blush: :see_no_evil:

However, have you found an Arduino library for that chip?
If it’s anything like the PCA9534 it would only use standard I2C communication and hence should be easily portable (with virtually no changes required).

You could give this one a try.

What IDE are you using?

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I tried this library already for pca9634 in particle but this library gets some error in compilation…
I used Visual Studio Code for uploading firmware in Particle.

In that case it’s best to also post which errors you see.
There might be simple solutions to many of them.

Unfortunately I still didn’t receive a Photon 2/P2 so I can only talk from theory :wink:

is this the same error as what you reported here?

No no there is an different error . This error is not related to PCA9634 + Photon2 topic…

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