Key:Value EEPROM storage(Opinion Poll)

Hey everyone,

I was just thinking about writing a quick and simple key value storage class that used EEPROM storage and wanted to get some opinions.

So the idea is I would create a class with get and set functions. The Get function would allow you to pass in a key and would return the stored value for that key. The Set function would allow you to pass in a key and a value and it would store that into EEPROM. Pretty simple really. Now the idea is to make it quicker and simpler to use than the standard EEPROM library which has get and put functions. So the question is:

Is it worth it

  • Definitely!
  • Eh… Might use it
  • No! Who cares!

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If you don’t think this is relevant or you believe there is a better solution already available that I don’t know about please let me know.

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If it makes life easier for the new guys then I’m all for it :slight_smile: