Kegerator monitoring

After a few mis-starts, I’ve built a simple “kegerator monitor” using the Spark Core. Basically, I weigh the keg every 30 seconds or so using the MeasSpec FX1901 load cell and publish those values. From there I can check a little web-app on my phone so I can always know the level of my kegerator. I’m working on some analytic math to get average ounces per hour/day consumed, how much the flow rate spikes at halftime versus in the middle of a big play, or beers per month consumed. ‘Estimated time until empty’ I really need to get working…

Here’s the monitor running live:

And here’s a more in-depth writeup:

Any suggestions? Have I wired everything up correctly? Any additions or other thoughts I should add?



Awesome fun @bheliker! :smiley:

This is great! :smile: Making a keezer (chest freezer converted with taps in the lid) is on my list of projects and seeing this example is very encouraging. I was thinking of the flow sensor also, but don’t really like the idea of having plastic touch my beer (even if food-safe) or additional cleaning requirements, and this solves both issues nicely.

I noticed you have a broken “Learn More” link at the bottom of the KegMon webpage.


Good luck with the keezer: Beer on tap is a wonderful addition to life, I must say. (Fixed the learn more link - just a link to the writeup. Thanks for the heads up).

What else could a ‘smart’ kegerator have? I might add a thermistor or something to make sure the fridge is staying cool, but that seems unnecessary…


OOOOOOooooooh I need to steal this idea. I was wanting to add the same idea to my Keezer setup. I have a spark already monitoring/setting the temp, so this would be a great addition.

Yes I am looking forward to getting away from bottling. All that cleaning, ugh.

Only problem is now all my free time for brewing has been taken up with Spark projects. :laughing: