Is there a good library for Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055

that will let me get the compass data?

I’m working on the same thing right now but with a different sensor.

This seems to be one of the best sensors with tilt calibration built into the NXP Fusion library but for some reason the compass readings are not right even after running the Motion Cal software.

I was hoping this would be a sensor that just worked after all the previous chips fell short. Others have used this with no problems in the past so I know it’s possible to get great results with it.

I’m trying to use the Teensy 3.2 along with Adafruits sensor by using the Teensy Prop Shield with the same sensors but I can’t get the code Teensy provides to work with the Teensy 3.2 + Adafruit board yet.

I’m just looking for compass heading 0-360 degrees with tilt compensation and after some more searching I feel that may happen.

Doesn’t the BNO055 have Sensor Fusion code built in?

I don’t know, how do I check?

but I gotta say - I have one of the BNO055 and they seem to be one of Adafruit’s more popular one.
Would love to be able to use it with the particle. I’m as likely to use an arduino mkr1000 over a photon than to buy one more breakout for this project.

Here is my port of the Adafruit_BNO055 library. It works very well with my Photon and BNO055 board.

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Nathan, I’m not getting anything on Serial with this library and the example code.
Can you share your code?

When you say you are not getting anything on serial do you mean serial is not working or do you mean you are getting garbage readings?

My library should have all the code…

Hi, l have on order the adafruit NXP. I have also used the BNO055 and they don’t work as hoped. They fail when velocity is applied to the IMU, due to the auto calibration which can’t be switched off. Adafruit are saying the new IMU can do as well on the tilt compensated heading which is what l’m after for a yacht auto pilot.
The BNO055 was very accurate ± 2 degrees tilt error but would drift when velocity was applied or would not update, plenty of posts re this problem.

Quote “Others have used this with no problems in the past so I know it’s possible to get great results with it.”

I haven’t yet seen/read anyone even write about the latest IMU (apart from this post, please give posts), its only been out for less than 1 month from what l am aware.

BNO055 has fusion built into the chip, that is were the problem comes from, the NXP has to have all the data calculated on your board.
Are you using the latest ARHS from Adafruit, as it has the NXP calibration via Motion Cal and has a version for ardunio.
Regards Kevin

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hello I am working with IMU and arduino (mini) to make a autopilot for sailing boat.
I first try the BNO055 and I was happy with the autocalibration process.
So I jump to the NXP FXOS8700CQ and I become crazy because it don’t work well.
I successfully calibrate it with the MotionCal software and use the AHRS_fusion_usb library to get the yaw. But it get bad value and I don’t understand what’s wrong.
Hardware problem or Software problem I can’t say!
Has somebody the same problem?
I make test since 2 weeks, but never get the north.
best regards

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