Is it possible to increase the serial buffer size?

64 bytes is pretty small for a serial buffer. I was reading this article…

Is it going to be possible for users to increase the Rx buffer size to ~255 for the Particle Electron?

@jmccorm have you experienced any issues where 64bytes is insufficient for your application?

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@kennethlimcp, this issue connected is discussed here
Default example for Asset Tracker GPS prints erratic NMEA sentences to serial


Is there still a way to increase the size?
I need to have a bigger buffer because of some long task taking place during byte arrival.

Did you find a solution for this?


The buffer size cannot be changed, but this library allows you to use a larger buffer:


Thank you for the info. I try it out!

I’ve just learned that custom buffers should be available on mesh devices and will likely be “backported” to previous generations too (when hardware allowes - Core might be too weak).

However, no ETA for Gen2 can be given at this point in time.


OMFG thank you for this. Have been chasing a bug for 3 hours and finally figured out it was a blown serial input buffer. This fixed it.

Do we have an update on this backport? I am using Rick’s library for serial1 buffer expansion but I only just need it 200 bytes buffer instead of 64 would do!

That info back then was by @avtolstoy - I haven’t followed the development of that feature since.
My main focus about serial interfaces was more about the reported issues and the buffer thing was supposed to be something that may have gone with it for “free”.

This Serial1 connection weirdness offers a discussion thread around the problem/structure of doing serial YMMV