Is it normal for the core to become warm?


My Spark Core came today, woo!

I have a question though:

Is it normal for it to become a bit warm when it’s been on for a little while?

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Mine came today too. It gets slightly warm. Power consumption was quoted as 100~300mA, which is 6~7 times that of an Arduino Nano, so i’m not very surprised.


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Just wanted to chime in. It’s totally normal for the core to warm up slightly when running the wifi radio and powered over USB. It should never get “hot” – so if you have a custom powering solution make sure you’re within the normal range

@Dave Hi, thanks for replying. I’m using USB from my computer. I wouldn’t say it’s hot, it is only slightly warm. I just didn’t expect it to be warm though. It’s not a problem if that’s normal.

Yep, it’s normal; when the Wi-Fi module is on, it’s a power hog :slight_smile: